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The Alliance issues a monthly newsletter for closer communication and cooperation in the field of cultural heritage.

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The International Alliance of Museums of the Silk Road was jointly initiated by three international organizations, namely, the Special Committee of Museums of the Silk Road of Chinese Museums Association (with 69 member units), the International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (with 28 member units), and the International Friendly Alliance of Museums of the Silk Road (with 54 member units), in addition to one Pakistani museum, and one Tanzanian museum. It has 158 member units, including 47 international organizations and 111 domestic organizations.

The Alliance will play an active role in themed exhibitions, information sharing, joint research, specialist exchange, and talent cultivation regarding cultural heritage in countries and regions along the Silk Road. By so doing it aims to boost international cooperation among museums along the Silk Road, strengthen ties and cooperation among museum-related international organizations, raise public awareness of and engagement in cross-cultural communication and cooperation, and cement the people-to-people bond along the Silk Road.